The Blanchard Bunch

The Blanchard Bunch

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year (Maybe Not)

It's day 3 at Childrens' Hospital with Sissy. I suppose since we're in a waiting pattern, I figure now is a good time to update my blog. We're here now because she's been having stomach pain for over two months now and the doctors have ruled out everything they can without an upper and lower GI Scope. Over the past few months we've been to the doctor's office, specialist's office, and ER more times than I can count. She's had two CT Scans, at least two X-rays, multiple ultra sounds, and just about every lab test known to man. She was originally scheduled for the scopes this coming Thursday, but her symptoms got so much worse on Saturday that we had to bring her to the ER. After consulting with her GI specialist, they decided to admit her. I'm glad they did because she was so ill New Year's Eve, we definitely needed their help. We rang in the New Year with her her in pain and tears and me crying right beside her. Todd was here to hug us both, and I know that helped us both emotionally.

It was hard being away from the rest of our children at midnight. I definitely prefer being with my whole family for holidays and important events. The text messages we were able to exchange did let me tell them how much I missed and love them, but it wasn't the same as being able to hug each of them and say it to them face to face. Todd brought all the girls up to the hospital New Year's Day so they could see Sissy and me, which was very nice. Derrick didn't come because he was feeling rather sick and Chris was at his grandmother's. The little girls were fascinated with Sissy's IV and had a thousand questions about it. Once that curiosity was satisfied, they discovered the storage cabinets under the couch. They spent the next hour or so climbing in and out of them and deciding they want a set for their new room that they can sleep in. Not too sure about that one, but it's a thought. :-)

Saturday night, once she got to feeling a little bit better, Sissy and I were able to sleep in between visits from nurses and PCAs. Sunday night wasn't quite as restful. She had a hard time sleeping and was up until a bit after 2 am. I wasn't quite so lucky and couldn't fall asleep until near 5 am. Her doctor came in around 10 am and gave her the option to increase her diet and if she could tolerate it, go home this afternoon. Then, starting at 10 am tomorrow, she would have to start the clean out regimen and be back at the hospital  Thursday morning for her GI Series. OR, she could do the clean out regimen today and the series tomorrow and get it over with. Let's see...have her try to eat and hope it stays down, then put her through a rougher clean out procedure tomorrow or just go the easy way and do it today. Obviously, we chose to stay and get it over with on Tuesday. Our hope is that we will have a definitive answer as to what is causing her issues and be able to get it fixed as soon as possible.

I've been through this procedure twice already with Amanda and Derrick. It doesn't get any easier the third time around. It kills me to watch my kids suffer, even if I know it's only a temporary pain that will quickly lead to permanent relief. You would think that knowing what to expect would make it easier to deal with, but it doesn't. It still rips your heart out to watch them suffer and know you cannot take away their pain or make it any better. Right now, I've got Sissy at the hospital utterly miserable, Derrick and Amanda at home feeling sick, Chelsea dealing with sinus issues, and the hobbits recovering from a little cough from allergies or maybe a slight cold. I'm pretty sure this is not the way any of us wanted to start off 2012. Todd's running back and forth between home and hospital taking care of all of us, as only he can. Thank God I am married to such a wonderful husband and father!!!!

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